Discover the Wonders of The Bone Caves near Ullapool

Embark on a journey into Scotland’s ancient past at The Bone Caves in Inchnadamph, located in the breathtaking landscapes of the North West Highlands Geopark. This hidden gem offers a unique glimpse into the life that thrived in this area thousands of years ago, making it a must-visit destination for anyone looking for intriguing things to do in and near Ullapool.

A Portal to Scotland’s Prehistoric Past

Nestled within the majestic limestone cliffs of Creag nan Uamh (Crag of the Caves), The Bone Caves hold secrets of a bygone era, revealed through the remarkable discoveries made within their depths. Named for the abundance of animal bones found during archaeological excavations, these caves offer more than just a scenic hike; they provide a direct connection to Scotland’s rich natural history.

Discoveries that Changed Our Understanding

The Bone Caves have fascinated scientists and visitors alike since the first exploratory dig in 1889 led by geologists Ben Peach and John Horne. Excavations have unearthed remains of creatures such as reindeer, bears, and even a rare Northern lynx, painting a vivid picture of the ancient wildlife that once roamed these lands.

Human History Amongst the Stones

In addition to the animal remains, two separate human burials have been discovered within the caves, dating back between 2515 and 2720 BC. These findings suggest that while the caves may not have been used as habitats, they held significant importance for the people of the time.

Planning Your Visit to the Inchnadamph Bone Caves

Located just a short drive from Ullapool, about 30 minutes, The Bone Caves offer an accessible adventure into the heart of Scotland’s geological and historical wonders.

Getting There

  • By Car: Follow the A835 north from Ullapool until Ledmore junction. Turn left onto the A837until about 2.5 miles south of Inchnadamph. Look for the signed parking area on the east side of the road.
  • By Public Transport: Buses from Ullapool stop at the reserve entrance upon request, making it easy for everyone to explore.

On the Trail

The journey to The Bone Caves is as spectacular as the destination itself. A well-marked path leads visitors through stunning glacial valleys, past waterfalls, and across stepping stones before climbing to the caves. With options for a short steep walk or a more leisurely circuit, there’s a route to suit all abilities and interests.

A Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)

As part of the North West Highlands Geo Park, The Bone Caves are recognized for their exceptional scientific and historical value. The site is meticulously managed to preserve its integrity for future generations while providing an educational and inspirational experience for today’s visitors.

Why Visit The Bone Caves?

Whether you’re a history buff, nature enthusiast, or simply looking for unique things to do in Ullapool, The Bone Caves offer a rare opportunity to connect with Scotland’s ancient landscape. From the awe-inspiring geology to the profound sense of history, a visit to The Bone Caves is an unforgettable addition to any Highlands adventure.

Discover the magic of The Bone Caves for yourself and step into a story millions of years in the making. With stunning scenery, fascinating history, and a peaceful ambiance, it’s an experience that captures the essence of Scotland’s wild and untamed beauty.

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