Corrieshalloch Gorge National Nature Reserve

Experience Corrieshalloch Gorge: A Natural Wonder near Ullapool

Nestled in the stunning landscapes of the North-West Highlands of Scotland, just a stone’s throw from the charming fishing village of Ullapool, Corrieshalloch Gorge offers an awe-inspiring nature adventure that’s perfect for your list of things to do in Ullapool. This breathtaking slot gorge, carved by the force of the River Droma, is a testament to the natural beauty and geological history of the region.

A Spectacle of Nature’s Power

Cross the Victorian suspension bridge and watch in awe as the Falls of Measach thunder down into the gorge below. Surrounded by ancient woodlands, Corrieshalloch Gorge provides a spectacular display of how glacial meltwater sculpted the landscape. The gorge, with its name translating from Gaelic as ‘ugly hollow’, belies its name with a beauty that captivates all who visit.

Visitor Facilities and Walks

The recent addition of the Corrieshalloch Gateway to Nature Centre enhances the visitor experience with modern amenities including toilets, electric car charging, and a takeaway café. Embark on a network of trails offering various lengths and difficulties, each providing unique views of the gorge, the surrounding woodlands, and the diverse flora that thrives in this microclimate.

Explore and Learn

  • Suspension Bridge: Marvel at the engineering feat from 1874 that offers unparalleled views of the falls and gorge.
  • Fern Walk: Follow in the footsteps of Lady Fowler along this 20-minute trail rich in fern species and history.
  • Viewing Platform: Venture to the cantilevered platform for an exhilarating perspective of the 60m-deep gorge.

Conservation and Wildlife

Designated as a National Nature Reserve, Corrieshalloch Gorge is a haven for biodiversity, home to rare species of cranefly and a refuge for an array of ferns nurtured by the gorge’s unique environment. Efforts to combat invasive species like Rhododendron ponticum and Japanese knotweed are testament to the commitment to preserving this natural treasure.

Geological Marvel

Witness the power of water and ice through the ages. The gorge showcases dramatic box canyons, mylonite rock formations with quartz veins, and evidence of the Quaternary glaciation period. Its creation is a story of natural forces that is as fascinating as it is beautiful.

A Rich Cultural Landscape

Built by the visionary engineer Sir John Fowler, the suspension bridge is a link to the Victorian era’s innovation and appreciation for the natural world. The gorge’s history, from its formation to its preservation by the National Trust for Scotland, adds layers of cultural significance to the natural wonder.

Sustainable Adventure and Discovery

At Corrieshalloch Gorge, sustainability is key. The dedication to eco-friendly tourism ensures that this magnificent site can be enjoyed by generations to come. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or looking for a family-friendly adventure, the gorge offers an immersive experience that connects you to the heart of the Highlands.

Corrieshalloch Gorge is more than just a day out; it’s an opportunity to connect with nature, dive into Scotland’s geological past, and take part in preserving its future. With the new Gateway to Nature Centre and a range of walks to suit all abilities, Corrieshalloch is a must-visit for anyone exploring the things to do in Ullapool and the surrounding Highlands.

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